Friday, August 1, 2014

37 Weeks - Full Term!

Sunday, July 26 - 37w, 2d
July 26 - 37w, 1d
Yay, you've made it to full-term!! Some pregnancy sites don't consider babies full-term until they're 39 weeks, but according to my doctors, you've hit that mark. They said that it's safe for you to come any time now...and since I'm writing this on Sunday, that means we made it through Tony and Brittany's wedding without going into labor!
Speaking of which, their wedding was a blast!! Daddy and I had so much fun with all of our friends, and I'm pretty sure you had a good time, too. I was out on the dance floor way more that I thought I would be, but how could I just sit and watch everyone have all of the fun?! I made sure to drink lots of water and take frequent breaks, and during those breaks you'd move around like crazy. Of course I was exhausted by the end of the night, but we all had so much fun.
This morning while Daddy and I were eating breakfast with friends in the hotel, I noticed that I was having frequent Braxton Hicks, but I wasn't surprised and they weren't painful, so I just assumed it was from my work out the night before. On the car ride home, I was having steady contractions about ten minutes apart, lasting 30-45 seconds, for almost two hours. They weren't super strong, but I was getting hopeful that they'd pick up during the afternoon/evening. But as soon as we got home and I started moving around and unpacking, they seemed to fade away or at least, slow down and become less noticeable. This evening, when I sat down again, I had a few more 8-10 minutes apart and a little bit stronger, but again, as soon as I'd get up to go to the bathroom or something, they'd become sporadic again or completely vanish. I'm planning on keeping an eye on them tonight to see if they return or pick up. Thankfully I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have to see what they say. I'm also curious if they check me again if I've dilated anymore since having all of these contractions today.

Monday, July 28 - 37w, 3d
I had a few more contractions this morning, about 8-9 minutes apart, but they didn't stick around forever. My friend and I still went for our morning walk and it was gorgeous outside. Then this afternoon I had another OB appointment. You looked great on your ultrasound, even got a little profile shot of you...but that made me a little worried that you weren't as far down as you were on Thursday. Your heart rate was a nice, strong 159bpm, I saw you kick yourself in the head, make a fist, and wiggle your fingers around a lot. My fluid level is still good, so I did not have to have a non-stress test.
I met with the doctor after and he said that we'll do one more growth scan next week which should give us an idea of how big you'll be for delivery. He was very pleased with how I'm doing (weight:128.6) and as soon as I mentioned that I was having contractions yesterday and today, he said he wanted to check me. I'm now 1.5cm, my cervix is anterior and you're still very low (yay, you didn't move), so I haven't changed much since Thursday, but he was very pleased with where I am now. He told me to keep an eye on the contractions and that I should come in if they're five minutes apart for a couple hours, so we'll see. Aunt Linda has been predicting for a while now that you'll come this week...that'd be fine with me!

Tuesday, July 29 - 37w, 4d
Not much to report, but I did want to mention that my contractions have slowed down today. Last night Daddy and I took a nice, long walk, hoping to increase my contractions, but it didn't work. I've noticed a few today, but tried not to pay attention to them because they've been so sporadic. It's quite a tease having three days of irregular contractions - its been getting my hopes up that you'd be making your arrival sooner rather than later, but I know I need to be patient and that you'll come when you're ready....but I've been waiting all summer! I'd love for you to come before Friday so I don't have to drive six hours round-trip to my CF appointment, but I doubt that's going to happen.

Thursday, July 31 - 37w, 6d
Archie & I brushing up on our
breastfeeding info this afternoon.
Well, here we are...the last day if July with no signs of you making an arrival in the near future. This means I'll be heading to Chicago tomorrow for my last CF clinic appointment before your delivery. I'm curious to see if my lung function has changed in the last two weeks, really hope doing the pulmonary function tests puts me into labor, and honestly don't see the importance of me going to clinic again, but I gotta do what I gotta do.
My contractions have been pretty much non-existent since Tuesday, although I've had a couple people tell me how much lower I look, even just within the past couple days. You're definitely in position, I can feel you. You're starting to put a bit more pressure down below each day, which is sometimes uncomfortable, but I know its a good thing. I think I lost a bit more of my mucus plug today (and I think I lost the first little bit on Friday before we left for the rehearsal). I really want to experience my water breaking (I don't know why...for the excitement of it, I guess?), but if that doesn't happen, it'll be okay because I know you'll be here so soon! :-)

Late night update: Daddy and I went on a nice, long walk this evening and while we were gone, Dr. Dowell called me. I called her back and we chatted for a while, both agreeing that it's a wise choice for me to not drive to clinic tomorrow, yay! Since I'm doing well, she just wants me to keep her posted about when you make your appearance and how I'm feeling each week after. I'll be finished with Cayston next Thursday, so the plan is to not go back on Tobi (as long as I'm doing well off it) and to start alternating Cayston each month since that seems to be working well for me.

Also, a couple hours after getting home from our walk, I started having contractions again for a few hours. At first they were about 8-9 minutes apart, then they progressed up to 5-6 minutes apart, which got me a little excited, but they never increased their intensity. I stayed up til a little after 11 timing them, but once they started to fade and get further apart, I caved in and went to sleep. I'll just have to keep up those long walks, and hopefully one of them will bring on the real deal!

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