Wednesday, August 13, 2014

38 Weeks

Friday, August 1 - 38 weeks (my last week of pregnancy!)
This is it folks, it's baby month...well, actually baby week!!! Today, I am 38 weeks, which is 9 1/2 months. I am so proud of my body for being able to take care of you and provide for you this long! This week you're the size of a pumpkin, you have a firm grasp, and your organs are fully mature for life in the outside world. You'll be making your arrival soon enough, but I am determined to have you sooner rather than later. This morning Natalie and I went on a walk, but this time we took the long trail that Daddy and I usually take. I thought since it helped me have contractions last night, it'd help me have contractions this afternoon...wrong! It was excellent exercise, but I think I've had maybe two contractions in the last five hours...oh well, I was able to get a nice little nap in this afternoon.

Got a picture with each kitty this week :)
Daddy and I have been having little date nights each Friday for a while, and tonight is our last one before we become a family of three. :-)

That's right...if you don't come on your own by next Friday, you're being evicted. I've had this induction scheduled for weeks now, but didn't want to make it public because I didn't want people bugging me about it. We're scheduled to go in on Friday, August 8th at 7:30 in the morning to start my induction. I'll be exactly 39 weeks then. We (doctors and I) agreed on 39 weeks because you'll be fully developed then and it'll take a week's worth of stress off my body. Of course as soon as they mentioned having you a week early, I agreed! As much as I'd love to experience going into natural labor, I am looking forward to the induction. I also don't think its going to be as bad as some people make inductions out to be because my body is already, slowly, starting the labor process on its own, so I'm hoping this will help the induction go a bit smoother and maybe quicker. Daddy's convinced that you're not going to come any time sooner, even with all the walking I've been doing...we'll see. It's exciting knowing there's an end in sight if you don't come on your own because I'm growing very impatient and cannot wait to see you and hold you!

Sneak preview of my maternity photos shot by my dear husband :)
Monday, August 4 - 38w, 3d
I just got home from my last OB appointment! It's so crazy to think that the next time I'll go will be for your just four short days!! Today's appointment went well, your heart rate was 129bpm, my weight was 127.2 and blood pressure was normal. They did a growth scan on you today and you are going to be a tiny peanut! They're estimating your weight at 5lbs 15oz today, so I'm curious to see how accurate they really are come Friday. The doctor said you're on the small side, obviously, but she thinks that conventionally, you're just small...there shouldn't be any problems because my placenta looked normal, I have a good level of fluid still, you're still moving like you should, etc. She then checked my cervix and I wasn't quite 3cm, so she said 2.5cm dilated. She said my cervix is coming forward which is good, and because of these things, they'll probably just start me on Pitocin Friday morning to get the induction started.

Thursday, August 7 - 38w, 6d
This is it....we're going to meet you tomorrow!!!! Hopefully you won't make us wait until Saturday. :) I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that you'll be out of me so soon! As much as I have loved every second of being pregnant, I cannot wait to meet you finally! I have no idea how the induction is going to go tomorrow, but I'm hoping it'll be as smooth as this pregnancy has been. I'm very glad that it's scheduled for so early in the morning so that Daddy and I don't have to sit around all day waiting to go in. I didn't get the best sleep last night and I doubt I'm going to sleep well (if at all) tonight because I'm just so excited. See you tomorrow!!!!!!

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