Friday, June 6, 2014

Clinic Appointment

Today's appointment was...okay. The doctor and nurse both commented on how 'cute' I look and that I'm all belly. I've gained a pound since my OB appointment last week, so I now weigh 131lbs! This means I've gained 17lbs so far this pregnancy which I'm pretty proud of. :) I explained to my doctor and nurse about my gas, bloating and extra bathroom trips and they suggested increasing my enzyme intake for a while, with all meals & snacks, to see if that helps.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I've been off of Cayston for a week now and have noticed an increase in my mucus production since stopping. When they listened to me today, they said I sounded great and I told them that I'm still feeling really well lung-wise, aside from my increased cough over the past few days. Before I did my PFTs (which took forever because the system quit working about an hour before I got there), we decided to start me back up on Tobi since my mucus and cough are increasing, so I'll be starting that probably next week.

Finally, they found one of the other CF doctors who was able to use the study PFT machine/cart, so he came in and did them with me. Apparently the system is a bit different and he had to click on things at a very specific time for it to I ended up doing the test six times and only two of them registered. It was a great work out for my lungs and I was able to give my doctor a nice sputum sample afterward. My average FEV1 today was 70% and my FVC was 71%, which I was initially very bummed about! I was expecting them to be in the upper 70s with the way I've been feeling - not unchanged! My doctor assured me that she was very pleased with those results because I've been able to maintain my lung function during this portion of pregnancy. So overall I've gone down about 10% from my baseline during my entire pregnancy, and it was all lost in the first 16 weeks (well probably during weeks 14-16) when I was off Kalydeco and all antibiotics. The fact that I haven't lost any since then is apparently wonderful. Of course I always want to do better, but with this little lady slowly taking up more room, I guess I can settle for maintaining for now. I hope that the Tobi helps out and that I don't lose anymore of my ling function this pregnancy. I'll be going back to the CF doctor in just over a month (probably right as I wrap up my Tobi cycle) to make sure everything's still going well. :-)

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