Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Step Closer...!!!

Great news for CFers, and all of those who have donated to CFF, today!!! 
A new drug, VX-770, that is in Phase 3 of clinical trials is showing amazing results!! (More information in this New York Times article, too!) This drug directly works with the defective protein in patients with the G551D mutation, which only is about 4% of CF cases....BUT they're on the right track! Right behind this drug in clinical trials is another one called VX-809 which is going to be working with the most common mutation in CF patients (Delta F-508).
Each CF patient has 2 mutations of their CFTR gene (one from mom, one from dad) and doctors can perform tests to identify those mutations. I have one Delta F-508 mutation, and the other is unknown. So, the current VX-770 won't work for me, but it will help about 2,800 people world-wide! The next one coming up through drug trials, VX-809, might work for me to keep me living, laughing and loving!

This is what happens when all of YOU wonderful people make  
donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!!!! 

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