Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our New Home (lots of pictures)

We are finally moved into our new house/apartment (LOTS of unpacking still to go!). I like to call it our house, but we only live in the upper floor and have access to the basement. It has been a long, exhausting weekend, but with some great help we were able to move just about everything into our new place.
We ended up getting the keys a couple days early, so last week before we moved in, Tim and I came to clean up a bit and make a couple repairs.
Me sitting in our "dining room/office" eating our first lovely meal of Burger King.

We did lots of cleaning before everything was moved in. This is our living room.

Here's more of the dining room/office, just behind where I was sitting.
To the left is the kitchen and bathroom.

Tim standing in the doorway of the bathroom. There's our little kitchen, too.
Friday evening, our friend Chris came over to help load the U-Haul with most of our things. 
Our bedroom at the old place, in the process of moving things out.

I'm definitely going to miss my giant closet (yes, that's my wedding dress behind the door).

Caught them off-guard when they were coming back inside

Our big kitchen in the old place during the move.
Wish I took a picture of the ugly brown 1970s stove.

Taking a break...they worked very hard!

Friday night Tim moved the mattress into the living room
because he needs a TV to fall asleep and our bedroom TV was
already in the U-Haul. It was like a slumber party!

Saturday morning, Tim and I were up pretty early to finish packing up the U-Haul with last minute little things. Then we took it over to our new place and started unloading. Our friends Chris and Karissa were kind enough to come over and help us unload everything. This is what it looked like after we got everything in....there's still quite a bit to do!

The living room in the new place. This is just inside the front door.

The right side of the living room; view from the front door.

Our bedroom. Not a very good view, but there's not much to see in there.

The dining room/office room which is currently just FULL of boxes.

The right side of the dining room/office. 

Kitchen and bathroom. Not much going on in here either.

Crap all over the counter in the kitchen until we find a home for it.
Also, the lovely border that will be coming down!

A view of the dining room/office from the kitchen.

Chris brining in the couch cushion for the couch Tim is building. 

Tim and our friend Ryan taking an entertainment center apart in the yard. Ryan came as soon as
the U-Haul was empty. He moved a few boxes into the basement. He also brought
a case of beer, which made the guys happy.

Tim, Chris and Ryan

Chris, Ryan and Tim. We went to Fatty's Saturday afternoon for lunch.
Today, Tim's been working all day, so I ran some errands this morning and started doing laundry. I am determined to wash everything before it goes into storage or in the basement because it all has a very strong cigarette smell from our old place (sheets, towels, blankets, winter clothes, etc). We also had Comcast come and install our TV and internet, so I feel connected to the world again. It's going to be a long week of unpacking and moving boxes around after work each night, but I'm looking forward to getting settled in here.
We have another busy weekend ahead of us with the DeKalb Great Strides walk this Saturday!! I'm sure lots of our family is going to want to see our new place while they're up here, so we'll have to work our butt's off getting this place to look nice!
A huge thank you to Chris, Karissa and Ryan for their help this weekend! It would have been very hard to do all of this without you! :-)

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  1. so glad you got to move out of the smokey apartment!!! this must be such a relief for your lungs!! -Lauren