Friday, April 29, 2011

♫ Music ♫

I love music! I've been listening to my iTunes on shuffle for the past two hours with the White Sox game on mute. As long as I can remember I have always loved listening to music whether it was "Oldies 104.3" with my mom in the car, classic rock with my dad, Spice Girls and Nsync CDs (my brother called them N-stink and 98-disease for 98 Degrees), or my Ipod while I'm driving with the windows down. I really like to learn the correct lyrics for songs and I love when songs have meaningful lyrics (that's a whole other post though on lyrics I love). I never really liked country music growing up, but it's definitely grown on me and I will admit that I love it now! I am VERY excited to go to Country Thunder with my friend Karissa in July!!!
Currently, some of my favorite people to listen to include:
Rascal Flatts -- They're the group with the most songs on my Ipod! :) I've seen them at least twice in concert and will see them again this summer.
Taylor Swift -- Her latest CD is amazing! Saw her in concert when she was opening for Rascal Flatts and she was pretty good. She was just starting out and I didn't know her songs too well, but I love her now.
Lady Antebellum -- Wonderful. I'll be seeing them this summer for the first time.
Keith Urban -- He's beautiful and so is his voice. I would LOVE to see him in concert one day.
Carrie Underwood -- Great concert performer :)
Zac Brown Band -- One of my new favorites, awesome voices. I'll be seeing them this summer also!

Non-country favorites:
Jason Mraz -- Love his music and he puts on a great concert!
Maroon 5 -- Adam Levine is sexy and has a beautiful voice!
John Mayer -- more of his older stuff --I've seen him twice in concert
Michael Buble -- I'd love to see him in concert, it's great dancing music.
Jack Johnson -- "Better Together" was our wedding song
Steve Miller Band -- Good classic rock
Lucky Boys Confusion -- What I'm listening to right now
Nsync -- Yes, I still listen to them! Saw them when I was in 7th grade on their No Strings Attached tour.
Sara Bareilles -- Don't have much of her music, but I love her voice.

As I mentioned before, I love singing in the car - it's definitely one of my favorite activities! :-) Whenever a song comes on that I know, I just have to sing; I can't help it, even if I don't really like the song. I also really like to listen to a song on repeat several times if I'm trying to learn the lyrics or if it's really powerful to me. I love playing music really loud and singing along. This is why concerts are amazing because you can sing as loud as you can and no one can hear you! My friend Catie and I used to find songs that we love with really sweet lyrics and play them for each other while we would "soak" in the lyrics. We would always say to each other, 'you just have to soak this song in'. I'll have to do another post or two soon with some of my favorite lyrics/songs; there will be a lot! I'm open to new music, so please feel free to share some of your favorites! :)

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