Friday, May 2, 2014

24 Weeks

Sunday, April 27 - 24w, 2d
I'm officially into my sixth month of pregnancy and you are getting bigger everyday. I had my first stranger say "congratulations mama" at Menards yesterday which was kind of weird, but nice. I love the weekends because Daddy and I lay in bed after we wake up just watching my belly bounce with all of your crazy movements. This morning I was playing with you, pushing my belly to see if you'd respond and sometimes you did, other times you'd just move yourself to the other side of my belly, haha. Daddy told me to stop bugging you, but I am still so fascinated with your movements, especially because they keep getting stronger.

On Friday after work, Rhonda and my work staff threw us a baby shower! It was so fun spending time with my coworkers to celebrate you. Everyone was very generous and I opened a lot of great and adorable things for you. I cannot wait until your room is cleaned out and our furniture is back in its place so I can start opening everything and organizing your room!

Thursday, May 1 - 24w, 6d
Not too much going on this week with you. You're still growing and getting stronger each day and I absolutely love feeling you flip around, especially when I'm at work. We have your next ultrasound next week (one per month) and of course, I'm looking forward to how much you've changed and how different you look. Daddy's been working really hard this week on the living room and it looks fantastic. There's still a list a mile-long of projects he wants to get done over the next few months, but I'm sure everything will fall into place. I'm hoping we'll slowly start getting the living room and office furniture out of your room soon so I can start organizing your things. That's the part I'm looking forward to the most...aside from your arrival! :-)

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