Friday, May 23, 2014

27 Weeks

Friday, May 16 - 27 weeks
This week your eyes are able to open and close, your brain is very active, and you're practicing breathing (amniotic fluid). Although your lungs are still immature, they would be able to function (with a lot of medical help) if you were born now...but stay in there for a little while longer! Yesterday was May 15 which put us exactly three months away from your due date and I'm now in the last week of my second trimester.

Archie loves you already :-)

Monday, May 19 - 27w, 3d
I can tell that you are growing so much because the past couple of days my tummy muscles have been feeling like they're stretching again. I can also feel you moving all over my tummy instead of just down low and a little on the right. Now you're stretching out and usually take up my whole belly when you're moving a lot. I'm very glad that you're still sitting pretty low, too. Even though I'm feeling you more on my sides, you still haven't gone much higher than my belly button. I can see now how babies wedge their way into their mom's ribs though because I can tell you're pretty squished in there. Let's hope you stay as low as you are for as long as possible.
I'm assuming you like (or maybe hate) the sound of kids. This weekend we celebrated Liam's first birthday, and as I'm sure you heard, Cole isn't very quiet. During the whole party, you were moving so much and I wonder if it was because you could hear all of the boys. And then again today, we had our field trip to the zoo, and while I was monitoring the playground you were moving around a ton. I can't wait until you're old/big enough to run around and play with your cousins and other kids.
Saturday evening you had the hiccups again. They didn't seem to last as long this time around, but it was so cute. They were tiny little rhythmic taps for a few minutes...Daddy just thinks you have rhythm :).

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