Friday, May 16, 2014

26 Weeks

Saturday, May 10 - 26w, 1d
This week you're eyes are almost fully developed and will be opening soon, you now have eyelashes, you're getting a little more baby fat and are about the size of a head of lettuce.

We're Rockin' CF!
Today's the day of the Bloomington Great Strides walk and it looks like we're going to have a gorgeous day for it. The Veitengruber's have been amazing supporters since I met Daddy & I am so thankful that they continue to support me every year! I'm looking forward to the Peoria walk this fall though because it'll be your first (of many!) Great Strides and of course you'll be wearing that adorable onsie from Emily. :)

May 15 - 26w, 6d
I think you had the hiccups last night! As Daddy and I were going to sleep, I put my hands on my belly (like I do every night), and I felt a constant little movement. I asked Daddy to feel and he could feel it, too. It had to be the hiccups because you weren't moving around too much and the timing was very consistent.
This week you've been moving a lot more during the day. I still think you're sitting pretty low because I really don't feel like you're squishing my lungs much at all, thankfully, or kicking up into my ribs (you tend to favor my right side). I'm sure that'll change as you grow more in this last trimester though. They say your starting to wake and sleep at normal intervals...let's hope that continues when you're born...ha, yeah right!

Great Strides went well on Saturday. I spoke a little bit about my story and how I was motivated to get pregnant so I worked my butt off to stay healthy. When I was done, Cole came up to me, gave me a high-five and said, "that was awesome!"

We spent the rest of the weekend with family and you even showed off some of your moves to Aunt Linda and Grandma! Linda loved talking to you and watching you bounce around.

Yesterday, one of the employees at the dollar store said to another employee, "aww, look! She's got an itty bitty baby bump!" HA! I beg to differ on the itty bitty part! But she might have been thrown off on the size because I was wearing a jacket. Daddy and I agreed that it just looks like I have a soccer ball under my shirt. :)

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