Thursday, May 29, 2014

28 Weeks

Friday, May 23 - 28 weeks
Hello seventh month and third trimester!! I can't believe that you'll be making your appearance in just 12 more weeks....or less! This trimester you've got some serious growing to do. Right now you're supposed to be around 2lbs, which means you'll be gaining at least another 4-5 in the next twelve weeks. Hopefully you're not an almost 10-pounder like your Daddy was... You're pretty much fully developed, but you'll be spending these last couple months bulking up for the outside world.

Archie loves to be in the nursery & in all of the pictures!
Last night you were doing some crazy moves! You would shift something hard (I'm guessing your head and/or back) to the front right side of my belly, then you'd kick your legs or swing your arms in my back left side. It felt so weird because the front of my belly was hard and lopsided, and you must have been kicking/hitting some organ because it was quite uncomfortable back there. This is the first time you've ever been a little painful, but I couldn't help but laugh because it looked and felt so it didn't last very long. I can tell I'm going to have some pretty entertaining days this summer watching you flip around!

Thursday, May 29 - 28w, 6d
Yay, school's out! I'm so glad I don't have to take anymore days off work for doctor's appointments...and perfect timing, too, because soon I'll be going weekly because I'm high-risk. Today's appointment went very well. I now weigh 130lbs which means I've gained 16lbs this pregnancy! :) The doctor was very pleased with that, and so am I because I thought it would be a big struggle to gain weight this whole pregnancy and I'm very happy that hasn't been an issue.

More snuggles from Archie :) Usually when he does this in the
evening, you move like crazy while he's up there
and Archie does not seem to care at all! Haha
You're doing very well, my uterus is measuring on track and your heart rate was around 150bpm. She guessed that you were head down because of where she found your heartbeat. And I'm guessing you're head down a lot of the time because I've been having some round ligament pain over the last few days, very low in my pelvis, and I'm assuming it has to be because of the way you're positioned. I'm glad you know which way to be, but you're not coming out for several more weeks, so don't get too excited yet!!
As I mentioned before, starting at 30 weeks, I'll be going to the doctor weekly for the rest of my pregnancy. At each appointment I'll be seeing the doctor, having an ultrasound, and having a NST (non-stress test). As I understand it, the NST will require me to sit in a recliner (woo hoo!) for 20-30 minutes while hooked up to two monitors - one for your heartbeat and one to track your movements. They want to make sure that your heart rate slightly increases with movements and that it's not decreasing which would show that you're in distress. Again, perfect timing to the end of the school year. These next 11 weeks, I plan on taking it easy during the week as much as possible because we have very fun & busy weekends planned pretty much the entire summer until August.

One more little positive this week - no leg or foot cramps! Of course I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this, but it's been very nice without them. :)

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