Sunday, May 11, 2014

25 Weeks

Sunday, May 4 - 25w, 2d
I cannot believe we're at week 25! This pregnancy seems to be flying by, but at the same time, August seems so far away. This week you're the size of a rutabaga or cauliflower. You're starting to add some baby fat on your tiny little body, smooth out your wrinkly skin, and starting to grow some hair...slowly starting to look more like a newborn. You're also now able to tell which way is up and which way is down.

Daddy and I spent Friday & yesterday finally getting the furniture out of your room and back where it belongs. It looks so good! The living room's not quite complete yet, but I absolutely love the way its turning out.

New fireplace & mantle

Archie was very happy to have the furniture back :)
Last night, I went to a painting party with some friends from work and painted a cute little flower painting that kind of matches your nursery colors, so I'd like to hang it in your room eventually. While I was at the painting party, Uncle Chris and Uncle Tony came over to hang out for the night. We had a good time, and Uncle Chris even stayed this afternoon and I talked him into helping Daddy and I set up your pack & play! He was a good sport!

Great teamwork on the changing pad

Now onto the sleeper

All finished!
Of course, Ozzie had to try it out :)
I am so anxious to get your room all set up, but there's really not too much I can do right now until we get the rest of your stuff over the next couple months. Yesterday morning I also cleaned your room really well (walls, blinds, & floors) to get rid of all the dust from refinishing the floors. I started hanging all of your clothes in your closet and cleaning out your dresser today.
This week I also started Cayston. I've noticed that I'm starting to breathe a little heavier/harder, so I think my lungs are starting to get a little short on space. Before they got too compressed, I wanted to squeeze in a round of Cayston to keep them in good shape. Dr. Dowell agreed, so I started on Thursday morning. It's nice because each treatment is only two minutes, but I do have to do it three times a day, at least four hours apart. Since the treatment is so short, so far I haven't had any trouble fitting all three in each day.  
Thursday, May 8 - 25w, 6d
Only 99 days left until your due date! 
This morning I had an ultrasound to check your growth and the says that you're growing right on track. :) You definitely looked squished in there! You're about 1lb 11oz and your heart rate was 144bpm. They were able to check your spine today (you wouldn't cooperate at the last one) and they said it looks perfect. You were showing off your feet again today and moving like crazy after the ultrasound.
You just love showing off your feet :-)
They didn't weigh me today, so I'm not sure how much I've gained, but I'm guessing around a pound or two. Fortunately I don't have my next appointment until after school's out, so I don't have to take anymore days off work. I'm guessing I'll only have another 2-3 ultrasounds unless they do them more frequently in the third trimester. It's very reassuring knowing that my body is cooperating with this pregnancy and that you're growing just as you should. As excited as I am to see you and hold you, you still have lots of growing to do, so get comfy!
Oh, and this week you've started moving a ton while I'm doing my Vest. I don't know whether you love the movements or hate them, but you'll have to live with them for another few months.
Here's your little face :)

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