Sunday, June 15, 2014

30 Weeks

30 weeks -- Ozzie got into the picture this time :)
Saturday, June 7 - 30w, 1d
Today is our first family shower and I'm really looking forward to it. We're also combining it with Aunt Katrina's sprinkle, so that should be fun. :)
This week you're strong enough to grasp a finger, you're skin is getting smoother because you're adding more fat to your body, and your brain is getting more wrinkles because it's developing so pretty much you're getting stronger, fatter and smarter the longer you stay in there! :-)
I'm really looking forward to spending a great weekend with the family, and then to your ultrasound on Monday. It's also going to be my first, of many, weekly NSTs (non-stress tests), too.

Tuesday, June 10 - 30w, 4d

Great-grandma Danner (100 years old) made this quilt for you :-)

Saturday's shower was excellent. It was so laid back, relaxing and fun to have the whole family and a few of our friends there to help celebrate you and your cousin.

You got a TON of adorable much so that Daddy and I are going to probably have to change your outfit several times a day so you can wear everything at least once before you grow out of it. :)

Yesterday, I had the first of my weekly doctor appointments. I was 128.9lbs and the doctor told me that the blood work they did last time came back excellent. My A1C was 5.4, my hemoglobin level was a 12 (normal), and my liver and kidney functions were perfect. The doctor said you're "small/normal", but you're still growing proportionally compared to your last ultrasound and right on track. You're still on the charts, just on the small side, but they're not concerned at all. You were about 3lbs 1oz, your heart rate was 138bpm, and you were breech & completely folded in half. Your arms and legs were blocking your face pretty much the entire time, so we couldn't get an updated 3D image of your face.

Here's your left leg across your forehead :)
We were able to see you practicing your breathing which is a very good sign. Because of this, they decided I did not need to do a non-stress test. The doctor told me that each week I'll either have an ultrasound or a non-stress test and they probably won't measure you for another three-four weeks.

I can't believe we're this far along already and I cannot wait to finally meet you!

Thursday, June 12 - 30w, 6d
Not too much to update, but I wanted to add that right now you're loving the Rock-a-Bye version of "Sweet Child of Mine". I've been playing music for you these last few days while we're lounging at home in hopes that you'll recognize it when you're here....and maybe, just maybe, it'll help calm you. :) Mommy & Daddy both love listening to music and we hope you enjoy it, too. I'm even wondering if they have wi-fi in the delivery room because I'd love to have this Pandora station on to help keep me calm during labor.
It's weird to think that I'm this close to delivering you! I cannot wait for you to be here! I'm sure these last two months are slowly going to creep by because there isn't much going on during the week while Daddy's at work, but I've been learning to keep myself busy with crafts, cleaning, reading, and soon I'll be walking almost every morning with one of my friends, so that'll help. Thankfully I've been sleeping pretty well at night still and haven't needed a ton of naps during the day, but I also stay pretty relaxed, so I'm sure that helps.

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