Thursday, June 19, 2014

31 Weeks

Sunday, June 15 - 31w, 2d
Officially two months until you're due date, but I know everyone's hoping you'll come a little early. :) Yesterday, we had our last baby shower for you and it was great. We got a ton of equipment and 'stuff' for you so I'm starting to feel much more prepared for your arrival. I cannot wait to go through it this week, open things, set things up and get your first load of laundry done!

Mommy & Auntie Catie

Monday, June 16 - 31w, 3d
I had your next appointment today with the high-risk team. First, I had a very quick ultrasound done to measure my fluid, you were breech again and your heart rate was 139bpm. This time you feet were way over your head and your arms were covering your face...again! You really don't want us to get another 3-D picture & see your cute face until you're born! That's okay, I guess, since its coming up quick. :)
After the ultrasound, I was weighed (132.2 lbs) and then talked with the doctor for a little bit. He was very pleased with our progress and we talked about beginning labor & delivery plans and what meds & things to bring with me to the hospital.

View of my belly during my NST
Finally, I had my first non-stress test. I sat in a large recliner with two monitors hooked up to my belly that monitored your heart rate, movements and possible contractions. I sat there for a little over 30 minutes, then the doctor looked at the graph print out. He said everything looked great and that he'd see me next week.

Wednesday, June 18 - 31w, 5d
I've been having so much fun organizing your nursery! Now if we can just get rid of the enormous recliner in there, I could arrange the room how I want it. Today I did your first two loads of laundry. The first load was sheets, towels, blankets, burp cloths and bibs.

The second load was all newborn, 0-3 month and a few larger onsies, and all outfits that I've taken the tags off of. This is probably only about 1/2 of your full wardrobe because I've left the tags on lots of things, especially the bigger stuff, because we don't know if you'll be able to wear it all!

And I can't forget to give credit to your daddy! While I've been focusing my nesting on your room, he's been focused on finishing all of his projects inside the house and outside. It's been extremely hot this week, but everyday after work he's been out in the backyard putting the patio together and he never complains! I tried to help him out by mowing the lawn yesterday, because that's about as much heat as I can handle.

Here's the patio this evening before Daddy started putting the pavers down.

Speaking of heat, I've been walking every morning with my friend, Natalie & her adorable daughter, Makenzie, to get my exercise in each day. I'm glad we're doing it, especially in the morning, because even though it may only be 30-45 minutes, we sure do work up a sweat! But it feels so good to get out of the house each morning and get a little work out in to start my day.

Thursday, June 19 - 31w, 6d
Final thoughts for the week: I'm still getting random, sporadic Braxton Hicks (some days more than others); I can tell you're growing because my low ligament pain is coming back; my gas/bloating/bathroom needs have gotten much better since consistently adding an extra enzyme to all meals & snacks (yay!); and I can also tell you're getting bigger because my lungs aren't bouncing back as quickly now that I'm on Tobi as they normally do. I still cough up a lot of junk and feel tight/crackly more than usual after a week of Tobi and I'm attributing that to the lack of space in there. But really, I can't complain. I'm still feeling well, getting things done around the house (so much so that I'm running out of things to do) and you're still moving, shifting and rolling all the time. :-)

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