Thursday, June 5, 2014

CF Clinic Tomorrow

I finally have my next CF clinic appointment tomorrow afternoon. The last time I was there was in February, I was 16 weeks pregnant, had been off Kalydeco and any antibiotics for months, felt like crap, and blew my lowest FEV1 ever...clearly, not a great appointment.

Since that appointment I've started my Kalydeco back up (the night I got home from clinic), did a 28 day cycle of Tobi in March, a 28 day cycle of Cayston in May, have stuck to my treatments diligently, and am 30 weeks pregnant. At the end of my Cayston cycle, my mucus production was pretty much non-existent which was unusual, but a welcomed change for once. Since being off Cayston for just over a week, I've seen a slight increase in my mucus production, but I've still been able to take deep breaths and have been feeling generally well lung-wise.

Except, over the past couple of days, my mucus production has significantly increased, especially during the day, but I still don't feel CF-sick, or any kind of sick for that matter. I'm curious if this is pregnancy related or CF related, and I'm very curious to see what my FEV1 looks like tomorrow. A week ago, I would have bet money that it was back in the low 80s, but now I'm not sure where all of this extra mucus is coming from and if it's going to effect my results long as they're up! I know that one PFT doesn't determine too much as far as how I'm feeling, but like I said, a week ago I felt like my lungs were so clear and now they're filling up out of no where....I guess that Cayston really did something.

I've also been feeling extremely gassy and bloated again this week, but I think this is pregnancy related somehow. I had these same symptoms at the beginning of May, around my 25th week and they lasted a couple weeks. Then I thankfully had a couple weeks of relief until it started again at the beginning of this week.

Don't really have a point to this post, other than documenting how I'm feeling before my appointment tomorrow because I really have no idea what to expect. I'm assuming I'll have to go on at least one more round of inhaled antibiotics before delivery so that my lungs are in the best shape possible when Baby Girl arrives. Stay tuned tomorrow evening to see how it all goes down. :-)

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