Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12-13 Weeks

December 14: 12 Weeks!

This belly is getting tough to hide! We've been taking them
first thing in the morning before work and before it gets stretched out from eating.
Pretty soon it won't matter the time of day because I'll just be big all the time!
12 weeks today and you're the size of toy soldiers or plums! Word of your existence is spreading across family and friends rapidly and it's been so fun! Everyone wants to know if you're identical (probably not) and if/when we're going to find out your genders (yes, definitely...and hopefully soon!). Some people have asked how being pregnant with two babies is going to affect me CF-wise (we'll see). Many people have been in shock and have been super excited!

I'm excited to be approaching the second trimester because that means you're slowly getting out of that critical development period. That also means that I should be open up to a few more medication options as you get bigger/more developed throughout the winter. I'm sick again - it came on quick Monday into yesterday. I ordered Cayston yesterday and it'll be delivered today which means I can start it tomorrow. I'll try to increase my treatments as much as possible which is always hard, plus with the holiday parties coming up it's going to be harder, but necessary. I emailed my doctor already this morning to see if there's anything else I can do/take. Luckily right now it's mostly my sinuses and my throat, but I can tell it's getting to my chest.

I'm nervous because this is the second time I've been sick already and its only the beginning of winter. The last time took me about two full weeks to fight off because I couldn't take any antibiotics. I'm hoping the Cayston will help me kick this one a little sooner. I'm also hoping that since we're getting into the second trimester, there may be a lower dose of an oral antibiotic that I can take if I get sick again this season.

December 21 - 13 weeks!
I'm slowly on the upswing of this sickness. Unfortunately Anna's had to go on antibiotics and Daddy is at the doctor right now to get some for himself. I'm very thankful I didn't get what they had, or if I did, that it wasn't as bad. Mine is mostly in my chest now, and just hanging around a little bit in my sinuses.

You two are 13 weeks along today which means you're the size of jalapeno peppers, Matchbox cars or clownfish (about 3 inches long) -  haha! One app I have is so fun and has lots of comparisons each week. You both each have fingerprints now, which is kind of cool! This is the last week of my first trimester which is also pretty exciting. In some ways I already feel like this pregnancy is flying by -- probably because I started showing so early!

I'm heading into Maternal Fetal Medicine today to get my blood drawn for the Harmony Prenatal Test. It's a screening for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), Trisomy 18 and Trisomy 13 which are chromosomal abnormalities. I'm at low risk for any of these because we don't have a family history and you're both measuring just fine. I'm getting it done because we had it with Anna and it just gives us that peace of mind. It will also tell us your genders! With it being done so close to the holiday, we might not get the results until after the new year, but it's still exciting that we're finally going to find out what you are within the next couple weeks!
Just recently, I've been thinking you might be two girls. I don't know if that's because I just want to be able to reuse all of Anna's old clothes, or what. A couple weeks ago I was convinced you were two boys - so who knows! Naming you is going to be the hardest part because there are two. I have my two girls names ready to go - just have to convince Daddy. We both don't have any boys names, so if you're both boys, that's going to be the hardest.

I've been feeling pretty good pregnancy-wise for the most part. I can definitely tell you've been growing because I've been having lots of stretching pains down low over the last couple days.

Christmas Eve - 13w, 3d
I'm a little sad, but mostly pretty excited because this is Anna's last Christmas as an only child. I feel like I've been wanting to soak up every minute with her lately, especially because I'm on winter break, because I'm afraid we won't get that one-on-one time when you two are born! Next Christmas (and for  years to come) will be so fun with all three kids together!

I learned on Wednesday that the Harmony Screening may only give us a little information about your genders. It just detects a Y chromosome if it's there. So if it doesn't detect one at all, then we know you're both girls. If it does pick up a Y chromosome, that means either you're a boy and a girl, or two boys. It'll just tell us there's a boy in there, not how many. So I'm very curious to get the results. The genetic counselor who was there on Wednesday said the office is only open Wednesday and Thursday next week due the Christmas and New Years holidays. If we don't hear back one of those days, then we'll have to wait til the following week. I'm not too worried about it though because my next appointment is shortly after, so I'm guessing they'll try to look/confirm for us then. I wanted Daddy to come to that appointment with me, but that's the night Anna is starting swimming lessons, so I'll have to meet them at the Y after my appointment.

December 27 - 13w, 6d
Not too much news to report other than I am SO ready to prepare the house for you! Yesterday, Anna and I took down all of the Christmas decorations. I think that's the soonest I've ever taken down decorations, but my mind is racing with all of the things we need to get done to prepare for your arrivals. While Anna was taking her nap, I pulled everything out of the living room closet and almost everything out of the second closet (your closet) in the office (your bedroom). It's mostly still all in the living room right now which drives me a little crazy, but we're slowly sorting through things. We're making a sell pile (already sold $60+ worth of stuff), a garage sale pile, keep & find somewhere to store pile, and a garbage pile. Thankfully the garbage men came this morning, so I was able to get rid of a nice chunk of stuff already.

I wouldn't say I'm "nesting" already, but more preparing. There are a lot of unknowns and things out of my control with this pregnancy which I don't like. For example, my health and how my body is going to handle growing two babies; if I'll have to go on bed rest; if I'll be able to work til the end of the school year; when you'll be born; how you'll be born....
I am a planner. I like to know what's going on ahead of time. So all of these things that are completely out of my control are always on the back of my mind. Cleaning the house and getting the office converted into a nursery is something that I can control, it's something that I can see and put my energy into over the next few months, so that's why I'm so anxious to get it started.

We've also started buying diapers and wipes. We don't have a ton yet, but I figure we might as well get them now while they're on sale and stock up because we know it's something we're going to need!

I cannot wait to find out your genders! The fact that we should know within the next week or two makes me so excited. If one or both of you are boys, I'm going to have a hard time restraining myself from shopping! :)

Good-bye first trimester! You were not as bad as you could have been - thank you! - but I'm looking forward to the second trimester for the energy boost, baby genders, and my favorite: baby movements!

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  1. Woah!! Congratulations!! I can't believe you are having twins!