Tuesday, December 27, 2016

8 & 9 Weeks

November 17 - 8 weeks:

Nice belly already - this was taken in the morning & all I had eaten was one piece of toast.
See what I mean by it being difficult to hide & me getting strange looks!
I know most of it is just weight gained/CF, but still!
I am so tired!! I wake up tired, when I leave for work I'm tired, I am so exhausted throughout the day, and then with it getting dark so early, I've been ready for bed by 7! Haha! I do not remember feeling this exhausted during the day with Anna. I know, I know there are two babies in there, but still. I hope it passes soon so I can get my energy back!

Other than feeling tired all the time, I've been feeling really good. I haven't noticed any more nausea when I get hungry...but I am starting to notice that I'm hungry all the time! I'm also still fighting this cold that started about a week ago. Thankfully I think I'm finally over the dry, non-productive hacking cough part. Yesterday, and more so today, I've been producing a LOT more mucus and I've been getting a lot of it out. I'm supposed to start a new Cayston cycle in two weeks, but I might call next week to see if I can get it a bit early to help fight off the last bit of this cold. 

Hopefully in about three more weeks we can spill the beans! It's killing me trying to hide my belly and not say anything about being pregnant!

November 22: 8w, 5d
Still exhausted over here!! I even had a student point out yesterday that I kept yawning - oops! I'm also very hungry - I woke up in the middle of the night the other day (at 1:00am) to eat sour cream & onion chips and a string cheese. I don't know if I was dreaming about it, or what, but I woke up and had to have those! I'm hoping that does not continue...haha!

I'm slowly starting to feel better. I'm still coughing more than usual, but what's coming up (except first thing in the morning) has been pretty thin and yellow, so that's good. I think I'm going to keep my Cayston to start on December 1st, since that'll actually be here quicker than I think. I'm really looking forward to my next doctors appointment which is two weeks away. This week should fly by with Thanksgiving and having a nice, long weekend. But next week is back to a full week at work, so that'll seem to go by slow, I'm sure.

This past weekend, we shared the news with some of Daddy's family. We told them that I'm pregnant, and everyone is very excited! Grandma even said, "YES!" Everyone is assuming it's just one, so I can't wait to hear their surprise when they get their Christmas card! I think we're going to send them out after Isaac's birthday party, which is December 10th. Then everyone will get them right before we have our family Christmas on the 17th! :)

We have our pictures back from Heather and they turned out really cute. Now we just have to do the fireplace picture this week so we can create our cards. I'd like to see if we can get a good deal on them on Black Friday, but then it's going to kill me to have the cards in the house and not mail them out for another two weeks! We'll see...

I cannot wait to see these babies again! They're going to be so much bigger than the little blobs they were two weeks ago! I am constantly worrying that one just isn't going to be in there anymore, even though I've been feeling great. I've had no cramps, pain, bleeding, etc to suggest that, it's just hard when I can't feel anything this early on except wanting to sleep all the time. I guess I should take that as a good sign, right?!

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