Saturday, December 31, 2016


Wow, what a year this has been for our country and the world. It seems like everyone is quickly ready to say good-bye to this "terrible" year and have a fresh start tomorrow in 2017. I can't say I'm feeling the same hatred toward this year that I'm picking up on social media.

We did have some very tough times this year in our family, especially with the unexpected passing of our two year old niece, Alayna. That was absolutely one of the saddest and difficult things I have ever experienced. But I feel like our family has been really strong, and I am incredible proud of my sister- & brother-in-law for how they've dealt with the entire situation. I love that we can talk about Alayna, share videos and pictures all the time. I love how much our family loves her and that we will never, ever forget her beautiful smile and heart.

This year wasn't easy on Tim and I either, fertility-wise. We (mostly me) struggled emotionally with my body not cooperating month after month, feeling like it was just not going to happen for us again. Thankfully, my body decided to get in gear and even gave us a pleasant surprise of two little beans! :)

Tim and I ended the year by going to purchase a new (used) car today to accommodate our growing family. We're also in the beginning stages of reorganizing our house and preparing for the babies' nursery.

Health-wise, this has been a decent year for me. I was surprised to see my lung function get back into the 90s, although it didn't last as long as I wished it would, it's still stable and "normal". I plan to stay compliant with my treatments as long as it'll fit me and after the babies are born. It is my job to stay healthy for them and my family.

Overall, 2016 wasn't too bad, but I have no doubts that 2017 will be even better!! :-)

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