Wednesday, December 21, 2016

4 & 5 Weeks

October 27th: 5 weeks

Dear Baby or Babies (we don't know yet),
YAY!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be pregnant again!! It has taken us six months of frustrating fertility appointments to get to this point, and we were on the brink of IVF, so the word excited doesn't describe the way I'm feeling enough.

I cannot imagine what my body is going to look like carrying two babies, or how it's going to handle it, but if that's what we're in for, then we're ready as we can be. If you're just one lone little bean in there, then I'll be equally excited (and maybe a little relieved) because I know I can handle it.

You're already giving me a run for my money and keeping me on my toes. I started having pregnancy symptoms just one week after having the IUI. My nose is already on high alert and I've come to hate the smell of popcorn because they make it every Friday at school.

I've also had some experience with coughing up blood already. After talking with some of my CF friends, it seems kind of common, but I don't remember having this issue when I was pregnant with your sister. I've been in contact with my CF doctor and we're increasing my Vitamin K to daily for a week. She also wants me to keep running (although I feel that might be part the trigger) to keep working my lungs and get that junk out...just to take it a bit easier. We'll see!

At five weeks you're the size of a BB pellet or a black peppercorn. It's fascinating to read how much is developing already in your tiny little body(ies). Its been three years and I've easily forgotten. I'm planning on staying on Kalydeco during this pregnancy because, to me, the risk of stopping it is greater than staying on it. When I was pregnant with Anna and I stopped it, my lung function hit an all-time low, and I definitely don't want to take that risk again.

October 29th: 5w, 2d
I had my running group again this morning and we ran/walked 2.4 miles. We did a flat course and I felt very tired throughout, but my lungs felt great afterwards. I haven't had any straight blood or streaking today since my run, so I'm hoping that it's getting healed in there.

As long as everything goes well over the next month, Daddy and I are planning on announcing to everyone using our Christmas card. We're not sure how/what we're going to say yet, but I'm looking forward to everyone's reactions! :)

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