Thursday, March 20, 2014

18 Weeks

18 weeks
Your rocking chair - restored by your daddy :)
Friday, March 14 (18 weeks)
New symptom...or pain, I guess you could call it, today: Feels like I'm pulling my uterus muscles every time I am coughing during my treatments today. I know that my muscles are stretching to accommodate Baby Girl, but ouch! It's just happening right now as I sit hooked up to my Vest, so I'm hoping it'll go away later. Apparently this pain is called "round ligament pain" because of my stretching & growing uterus - totally normal & common in pregnancy. Just another thing to add to the list...totally worth it! :)

Saturday, March 15 (18w, 1d)
Daddy & I started your registry today and it was so much fun!! We went to Target to get a couple things for the house and ended up staying for a couple hours and registering for everything under the sun! We tried out the strollers in the aisle (collapsing them, pushing them, lifting them, etc), looked at pretty much every item in every aisle and registered for over 100 things. There are still a few things that we need to add to the list, but we made a pretty good dent today. It's amazing how much "equipment" you're going to need. All of this is starting to make your arrival seem much more real. The registry, knowing you're a girl & your name, a definite baby bump...the only thing I'm still anxiously awaiting is feeling your little movements! Hopefully soon. :-)
Your ultrasound is this week on Thursday, and I'm excited to see how much you've changed in four weeks. Then after this one, a few weeks later, we have the "big" ultrasound where they will examine every little inch of you to make sure you're developing properly. Yay!

Tuesday, March 18 (18w, 4d)
Two more big things this week: hunger and headaches! I've been so hungry this week! I'm trying to balance eating lots of calories without spiking my blood sugars with lots of carbs...very difficult, but I hope I'm gaining weight! I've also had some crazy headaches the past couple days. It doesn't seem to be related to the hunger though, because they're very random. I can't relieve them by drinking or eating, and they don't seem to be related to high or low blood sugars either. Guess its just another small thing to deal with. Two more days til I see you next! :)

Thursday, March 20 (18w, 6d)
Just got home from my appointment and sadly it wasn't an ultrasound, just an appointment with the doctor. I was still able to hear your heartbeat, though, which was a strong 164bpm today. I asked the doctor (who's super pregnant and due any day now--she's one of the three) about not feeling you yet and she said it's completely normal and still too early. She said I probably won't feel much until closer to 22 weeks, so I guess I'll have to be patient. I'm also now 120.8lbs winch means I've gained almost 4 pounds since last visit - awesome!! They were a bit concerned about me still having some high sugars (mostly after dinner), so I really need to watch my diet and control my sugars better in the evenings. It's been difficult trying to eat enough to satisfy my hunger and make sure I'm not having too many carbs, but I'm really going to try to control them as best as I can because I do not want to have to go on insulin. Otherwise I've been feeling very well. I've been on Tobi for two weeks now and Kalydeco for three weeks and they're definitely helping my lings get back to normal. Our next appointment is in a few more weeks which will be a good one - I'm really looking forward to it. :-)

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