Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rock CF Weekend!

In November, after Tim and I completed the CF CLIMB, I was determined to get back into running/exercising regularly. I found a 5k/half marathon in Michigan put on by a fellow CFer and
was determined to do it...well, the 5k. Little did I know, that a month later I'd be pregnant, so all running plans went out the window.

Well, the Rock CF half marathon & 5k are tomorrow and I'm pretty bummed I'm missing out on meeting some of the very individuals that inspired me to start running to take better care of myself. But I decided it was a safer and smarter choice to stay home so I wouldn't expose my five month pregnant self to other CFers' germs. I know it was the right choice, but I am definitely going to be sad seeing all of my friends' pictures tomorrow because I'd be there in a heartbeat if there wasn't this precious baby growing (and moving like crazy!) inside me. But, there's always next year!

So I'm wishing GOOD LUCK to everyone I know running at the Rock CF 5k, relay and half marathon, including my friend Kaitlin who I worked with while I was an assistant a couple years ago (who does not have CF) and is running her first half marathon! So proud of her and happy she chose it to be for Cystic Fibrosis. Know that I'll be cheering you all on and rockin' my Rock CF shirts all weekend for you!!!

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