Thursday, March 13, 2014

Weeks 4 & 5

Just found this in my "drafts" folder, didn't realize I started this early. :)

On Tuesday, December 2nd, I had my first positive pregnancy test. Since I couldn't wait, I actually tested two days earlier than I was supposed to, oops! To be on the safe side, I tested Wednesday morning, Wednesday evening and again on Thursday before going in for confirming blood work Thursday morning.
First test, Tuesday

Wednesday morning

Wednesday evening

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday tests
My hcg level came back at 189--a nice, strong number. My progesterone (which helps the baby stay in there) was also a nice strong number of 19.3 (they want it as close to 20 as we can). It was official, I was four weeks pregnant!!! It was so hard not to scream it to the whole world, but I knew that we had to wait a while to make sure the pregnancy "stuck" before telling anyone.

On Saturday, we went to Isaac's second birthday party where I learned that my sister-in-law was pregnant with her second baby! She's about two-three weeks ahead of me; how cool to have cousins so close in age! I wanted SO bad to tell her, but it was way too early and we still needed to get our second round of blood work back.

On Monday (4 weeks, 4 days), I went back to the doctor to get another blood test done to make sure my hormones were increasing as they should and the pregnancy was progressing appropriately. I have never wanted a weekend to go by so fast in my life! When the office didn't call me by the end of my work day, I grew impatient (and a little worried), so I called them. Hcg levels typically double every two days, so we were expecting my level to be between 700-800. My hcg was 1,015!!! My progesterone, on the other hand, was down just a bit to 15.9, so they decided to put me on supplemental progesterone for the first trimester, just to be on the safe side. The nurse told me to come back in two weeks for our first ultrasound where we'd be listening for a heartbeat and possibly seeing the embryo sack. My first ultrasound is scheduled for Monday, December 23rd at 10am and I cannot wait!!! I'll be six weeks and four days then. :-)

On Thursday, December 12th, five weeks, I took another pregnancy test (that's #5 if you're keeping count) just to make sure I was still pregnant. Of course, the line was nice and dark. :)

I haven't had a ton of "typical pregnancy symptoms", at least not yet. My boobs have been sore since the day I took the first pregnancy test. One random day during week four I had a very heightened sense of smell. I could actually smell my mascara as I put it on. Thankfully that hasn't come back yet. I haven't been super hungry and have been eating less than I usually do, so Tim's really making sure I'm getting those calories.

This past weekend, on Saturday the fatigue started setting in and I stayed on the couch and either slept or read the entire day. On Sunday (5 weeks, 3 days), I woke up feeling awful! I had a terrible sinus headache and a fever. I contacted my CF doctor (who already knew I was pregnant, I told her right away!), to see what I could take that would be safe for baby. She told me to take Tylenol for the fever and Claritin for the sinuses. A couple hours after taking one extra strength Tylenol, I was already feeling a little better. I decided to take Monday off work to make sure that my fever was under control and to get some rest. I'm very thankful I did that, its exactly what I needed. Of course, poor Tim came home Monday evening with exactly the same thing I had and has been home from work for two days. We're both now on the upswing and are very excited for the first ultrasound on Monday!!!

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