Monday, September 2, 2013

Kalydeco: Day 4 & Home Ownership

There's not much to report today. I actually feel quite normal. Every once in a while my chest gets rattly and I'll cough out some thick, green mucus, but other than that I'm not feeling much of a difference. I'm really hoping it'll help me get back to a healthier weight, as well as help my lung function. I feel like I've been eating more the past few days because I'm making sure I'm getting the proper amount of fat with the Kalydeco, so I hope that weight starts to stick.

In other news, I've been super busy with the beginning of the school year. This past week we actually ended up having early dismissal, an hour earlier than usual, because of the extreme heat and lack of air conditioning at our school. It was really disgusting and I probably lost a pound or two just in sweat over the few days! I did pretty good about keeping myself hydrated though, and I drank plenty of Gatorade each day while at work.

On Saturday, Tim and I had our housewarming party with a lot of his family, my parents, and friends. It was so fun to get everyone together at our house this time! And I'm SUPER happy because Tim's sister, her husband and their two sons have finally moved back to Illinois! They're now only an hour away, so I'm really hoping that means we'll get to see them much more often.

Today, Tim and I spent the entire afternoon, about four hours, doing more landscaping in our front yard and along the side of the house. I'm really proud of the amount of work that we got accomplished together today and I love the way it looks -- there's something different, and way better, about doing work on a house you own! Tim also has been working his butt off the last few weeks to update our bathroom. We finished just in time for our party on Saturday....literally, just in time - we painted it on Friday night! :)
This is what our house looked like when we bought it.

A few weeks ago we ripped out all of the weeds & bushes and
replanted new plants. We also got all of the plants on the steps
from our brother-in-law after the Farm Progress Show was over.
This is what it looked like when we started today.
This is what it looks like after we finished for today. We dug up the
grass and laid pavers all along the front and side of the house.
The we arranged the plants where we'd like to plant them. We'll
also be adding some mulch after we plant everything.

Here's what the bathroom looked like
when we purchased our home.
Here's what it looks like today! :) New tile floor,
new tile around shower, new window & paint.

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