Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kalydeco Days 5 - 10

Day 5 (Tuesday): I'm still not noticing too much of a change, and I know it's still pretty early. I feel like I'm coughing the same amount that I typically do, although usually when I cough now it's productive instead of just a 'throat-clearing' cough. That's about it. :-)

Day 6 (Wednesday): I noticed today that I was interrupted a couple times during my teaching to cough, and I found myself clearing my throat more often. Not a fan of coughing while teaching because it's usually productive and I have to swallow it, but at least I know things are still moving in there.

Day 7 (Thursday) - Day 10 (Sunday): Thursday evening I had another blood-in-mucus problem, so I laid off of my hypertonic saline Friday morning so I didn't irritate my lungs anymore and my mucus was back to normal (no blood) by my evening treatment on Friday. Since then though, I've been coughing up a lot of nasty stuff. :) This morning and throughout today, my mucus has been a grayish-greenish color so I think I'm getting up a lot of older junk that's been down there a while.
And, if you want me to be completely honest, I have to tell you the best part which is probably way too much information: Tim and I went out of town for the weekend for our friends' wedding (I'll post about that later) and on the way in the car, I farted. As Tim reached to roll down the window, I said, "Wait, I don't smell anything!" Of course he didn't believe me, so like a bunch of weirdos, we sat and waited another minute to verify. Believe it or not, there was no smell! I said to Tim, "If my farts don't stink anymore, Kalydeco really is a miracle!" (If you don't know me, or any other person with CF, you're probably wondering why on Earth I would share this on my blog, but you don't understand how amazing this is!) Later in the car, the same thing happened and I said, "It really IS a miracle!" Haha!
I wouldn't say that my gas has decreased (anymore from when it did when I started taking Probiotics - the other miracle), but the fact that they don't smell is just amazing to me! We'll see if it keeps up, or if it was just a fluke for the day, but even if it helps a little, I'll definitely be a happier lady! :)

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  1. WOW! That sounds so wonderful. I think coughing up the grayish-greenish color mucus would bug me, but that's good that it's all moving out!! Also, the no smelly farts sounds AMAZING! I'm jealous! I was approached to do the DDF5508 trial, but I'd have to give up nursing and I'm not ready to do that yet.