Monday, January 21, 2013

Another Glucose Test

Just the sight of this picture is making my
stomach turn, eww!
I'd love to say that I took advantage of my day off today by sleeping in, but of course not. I was wide awake this morning at 6am, so I decided to go in early for my Glucose Tolerance Test. The lab is open 6am-6pm on weekdays, and I was planning on sleeping in a little bit and going in whenever I woke up, but of course this morning I was up before the sun. I figured I'd beat the crowd (if there is one at a hospital lab) and just go get it over with. I arrived at the hospital around 6:30, got registered/checked in and had my first fasting blood draw around 6:50am. My blood sugar was 109 (good!) and then I had to drink the lovely glucose drink...this time it was lemon lime flavored -- tasted the same as the others: nasty!
I decided to wear a mask while sitting
in the waiting room for two hours. I
definitely got some weird looks, and no
one sat by me, but I was being cautious.
I was not taking a chance at catching
this nasty flu going around!
This time I was smart, for my two hour wait, I brought a bunch of laminated stuff for work that needed to be cut out. The people in the waiting room probably thought I was crazy, but at least I was getting some work done! Around 8:45, I took my own blood sugar (because I wouldn't get the results from theirs) and it was 137, which I believe is good. So unless it spiked or dramatically dropped over the next ten minutes, this test was more normal than the one I had in November. The fasting sugar was a little high, they like it to be under 100, but at least the two hour was not as high as it was before. I'll be going in this afternoon or after work tomorrow to get a copy of the results to bring with me to my Endocriologist and CF appointments on Thursday. I'm interested to see the Endo's take on the results of this test compared to the last one, plus with the results of my sugars that I've been recording for the past couple weeks. Stay tuned :)


  1. Bleh! I hate the GTTs. The lemon lime is my favorite of the three flavors though - it's still nasty, but the orange and fruit punch are both just HORRID in my opinion! I have to gag them down.

    Oh, and just a word of warning - after my first glucose screen during this pregnancy I went home and took my own blood sugar for the same reasons you mention. With the number I got I was sure I'd failed the one-hour screen and would have to retake the test... but then they called the next day with their results and their number was significantly below mine. It was a little weird since my glucometer is usually pretty darn accurate, but it was a relief! So, I'd just keep in mind that their number might end up different than yours.

    Good luck with the new endocrinologist!

    1. Ugh, I don't think I can say that I have a favorite. I think they all taste the same even though they're "flavored". Ugh - the worst is that you taste it for the rest of the day no matter what else you eat or drink (more maybe that's just me...).

      That's really interesting about the difference between your test and their test. I think I'm going to go by later this afternoon/evening to get my results because I can't stop thinking about it.

    2. Call me crazy, but I never thought the glucose drink was that horrifically bad. I think since everyone always said it was so horrible I anticipated it to taste like acid or something and was relieved it was just grossly sweet. Don't get me wrong I would never willingly choose to drink the stuff.

    3. Yes, I think I'll have to call you crazy on this one! ;) I mean, it's bearable to get down, but I hate how thick it is and how the taste lingers all day long! I'll agree with you that its not horrifically bad, but it is still pretty disgusting. :)

    4. And yes, Cindy, my results were very different from the results on paper. I'm thinking about calling and asking about it because I'm confused. Even the fast number (which she told me out loud) was different on my print out. Hmm...I don't know if they have the wrong information, or maybe the report isn't my blood sugar but something else...but what else would it be?? Confused!

  2. It must be that teacher in you Colleen getting up so early! I love to sleep in if I get a chance! Sounds like your glucose test went well :) You forgot to mention your other achievement unless you are going to make that a part of your thursday post or another post.....

    I loved the pic of you and the surgical mask! I think I might get one for my clinic appt on this wednesday!!!

    Good luck with your dr appts this week. Keep us posted!