Thursday, January 24, 2013

Positive Thoughts Thursday

Sometimes I feel like I use this blog to vent/complain about things going on in my life, and I don't want to continue with all of that negativity. So each week I'm going to compile a list of positive, happy, lucky, fortunate things that are going on in my life, or anywhere in the world.
Old Vest on the left (model 104), new Vest (model 105) on the right.
The old Vest had 1,215.2 hours
logged - I think it was about time for it to go. 
  • For the past couple weeks, my Vest hasn't been inflating properly. I noticed a hole in one of the hoses, so I called Hill Rom (Vest company) and had the hoses replaced. That didn't solve the problem. So I finally  called Hill Rom again on Monday and explained my problem. Without any hassle, they overnighted a brand new Vest to my house! And  they had UPS come pick up my old Vest for free. 
  • This new Vest is awesome! It's amazing to me how tight this one is during treatments - makes me wonder how many other people are out there with under-inflated Vests. Had mine never 1/2 inflated, I would have assumed that it was working just fine, but this new one is squeezing so much tighter - it feels good! 
  • I'm so happy that Hill Rom is so helpful! Any time I have a question or need something for my Vest, it's no questions asked. They are so wonderful about filling my needs and helping me out. Thanks, Hill Rom! :)
  • I'm so happy that I had a great clinic visit today! I'll post more on that later this evening or tomorrow, but I had a lot of questions answered and I cannot express how much I love my CF doctor - she is so wonderful! 
  • I'm also glad that I met an awesome Endocrinologist today! He was so calm, welcoming, and full of information. He is also very understanding of me living so far and gave me his email and told me to contact him anytime about anything. Love when doctors are like that! :-)
  • I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow (just for one day, because I know it'll be nuts) because my class was apparently terrible today and the sub "was an idiot" according to a staff member. Tomorrow should be interesting since my kids will be off the wall and I have my third observation, awesome....
Lots to be thankful for this week! Stay tuned for a very in-depth post about my trip to Chicago today.


  1. I had the exact same problem last year! My vest wasn't inflating all the way... very strange.

  2. I'm so glad you got that new boom box. Now I don't have to keep hounding you about it :)

    So you were attached to that old machine for a little over 50 days!!! WOW, talk about compliant and dedicated Colleen. I wish I would have looked at my old machine before I got rid of it. I had that thing for almost 10 years!!! I know I had to be hooked up to that machine for months!!

  3. My machine did that a couple years ago too, the guy at Hill-rom told me that the tubes on the inside wear out and leak the air. Hill-Rom is fantastic, I love them! Congrats on the great appointment!