Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Positive Thoughts!

This is copied from Andy Lipman, a 38 year old CFer at "I Have CF but It Will Never Have Me":

Top 10 ways to stay positive:

1. Some people view failures as negative consequences of trying and not
succeeding…I view them as learning experiences.

2. Some people view having a disease as being a victim. I see it as being a survivor or even a fighter.

3. Some people say they struggle with their disease. I say I battle my disease.

4. Some people say life is unfair. I am grateful to be living.

5. Some people define living as breathing. I define it as much more than that.

6. Some people think losing is the worst thing that can happen to someone. I think it’s quitting that is far worse.

7. Some people think a disease steals your normalcy. I believe that it brings you an opportunity to make a difference.

8. Some people view depression as a negative. I view a failure to act against depression as a negative.

9. Some people view mistakes as daggers. I view them as opportunities to learn.

10. Some people have a disease. I will never let my disease have me.

Now go kick some ass!


I just really loved this post when I read it on his page and had to share it with my readers! :)

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