Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great Strides

I'm also selling Colleen's Friends & Family
team t-shirts again this year. The shirts
are $20 each and any money left over
from t-shirt sales will go directly to our team
fundraising total. The more t-shirts
ordered, the less each one will cost = more
money donated!
It's that time of year again where I start getting a little crazy with Great Strides! I'm excited to say that this year I'll be walking at at least two different locations. I have officially registered Colleen's Friends & Family at the Bloomington walk site this year and I'm hoping that Colleen's Cortland Crew will get renewed at the DeKalb location, too.
For those who may not be familiar with Great Strides, it's the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's largest fundraising event. CF does not get any funding from the government, so all research funding is based on donations. There is no cure for this disease, but everyday they are learning more about CF and creating drugs to help those of us who have it. To learn about the drugs that are in the works and to see where your donations are going, click here.

Click here to join the event I've created on Facebook

Click here to view my Great Strides Team page, donate and/or join my team.

Last year Colleen's Friends & Family and Colleen's Cortland Crew raised over $4,500!!! I have our goal set for $5,000 this year and I know  that it's possible! I currently have raised $15.00 out of my goal of $500. Please help me raise this total - no donation is too small! But don't be shy, come out to the walk itself - it's a great time! Just click on the link above and then click "Join My Team", it's super easy. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!
And if you're not from around here, go to the Great Strides Home Page and search for a location near you! :-)

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