Wednesday, February 5, 2014

11 Weeks

January 30, 2014 (Thursday)
Today is the last week of my eleventh week of pregnancy... almost at the end of the first trimester already! There isn't much to report from this week aside from some extreme cold days off school which resulted in me being pretty lazy. Now I'm back at work and trying to fit in everything we've missed. I also told my boss about my pregnancy this week because a discussion about next year came up, so I thought I'd better fill him in on my need for maternity leave. He was excited for us and gave me a couple suggestions for subs to call for my maternity leave. He also promised to keep quiet until we made our news public.... which I'm sure is just killing him! :)

I'm still feeling very well, no nausea. I've been monitoring my blood sugars this week to really try and keep them stable to avoid gestational diabetes as long as possible. Since I'm at risk for CFRD in general, it puts me at a greater risk for developing gestational diabetes. Hopefully with constant monitoring and a good diet, I'll put off the need for insulin as long as possible.

I'm also in the awkward "is she fat or pregnant?" stage now and its extremely annoying! I can't wait for people to know! It's not a definite baby bump yet, but I'm hoping it'll look more obvious in the next couple weeks. I was hoping to make our announcement this week, but we're having some technical difficulties over here, so it's looking like it's going to have to be next week. Tim's building the baby's crib and his tool broke trying to cut some of the wood. So last night we went and bought him a new tool, and within five minutes, the new blade was broken because the wood is so hard. I'm not sure what the plan is now, but I just know it's going to take a bit longer than expected. I was a little sad last night, but I'd rather have a safe and sturdy crib. By the way...I can't wait for people to see it... it so awesome!!

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