Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week Six

December 23rd,
We got to see and hear you today and it was absolutely amazing!! Technically, I'm six weeks and
12/19/13 - six weeks
four days today, but you are measuring at six weeks and three days, which puts your due date on August 15th, 2014. The doctor said that everything about you is perfect. You are measuring at 6mm and your heart rate was 126bpm--old wives tales say that means you're a boy...we'll see--Daddy said
You're the gray blob toward the bottom of the black bubble. The
black area is the embryo sack where you'll live. The gray spot
above you is called the yolk sack where you're getting your food. 

you looked like a lizard-thing. We couldn't tell which end was your head and you looked like a gray little blob, but seeing your little heart flickering was the best thing we've ever seen.

Yesterday we had our Veitengruber Christmas and Daddy & I broke the news! I was over-analyzing when the perfect time to tell, so your Dad told Aunt Linda that she needed to come talk to me, so of course she knew. Then she told Aunt Lisa to come talk to me and that's when I told everyone that was on the plant room. They were all so excited and happy for us. Then Roger made me go and yell it to everyone who was sitting in the living room, haha!

And, even more exciting, Aunt Katrina is pregnant too! She's due on July 30, so you're going to have a cousin only a few weeks older than you. :-)

To celebrate our exciting day, your dad and I went out to dinner and then walked up and down every baby aisle at Target. He, of course, wants to build you everything instead of buy it -I'm excited to see what he makes for you!

Finally, I was "kicked out" of the fertility clinic today! He referred me to a wonderful team of MFM (maternal fetal medicine) specialists, also known as high-risk OBs that he knows. I know I'll be in a good hands working with doctors recommended by our fertility doctor. My next appointment is January 22nd and I'll be around 10-11 weeks then (maybe you'll look less lizard-like then). It sounds like I'll have at least monthly appointments just to make sure you're growing as you should, but also to make sure that I'm staying healthy, too. There's one perk to being high-risk...I might be able to see and hear you a bit more than during a normal pregnancy. :-)

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