Wednesday, February 5, 2014

9 Weeks

1/13/14 - Monday
Today I am nine weeks and three days pregnant, and still barely feeling a thing! The only constant symptom I'm having is sore boobs - other than that, sometimes Daddy and I forget I'm pregnant. The other day I was convinced that I was starting to show, but I really think its just some of the weight I must be adding on. My first appointment with the high-risk OB is next Wednesday, and I'm getting very excited. I'm can't wait to see and hear you again!

This week you're looking much more human according to my apps, and are now officially a fetus. You're nearly an inch long and the size of a green olive or grape. Your heart is finishing dividing into four chambers, your sex organs are established (although we won't be able to distinguish them until at least 17 weeks), your heart valves and tiny teeth are starting to form, and your embryonic "tail" is finally gone..."hopefully", daddy says. :-)

Oh yeah, you received your first gift in the mail last week from Aunt Catie, and your second card on Saturday from Tony & Brittany. Aunt Catie (mommy's best friend), got you three adorable little onsies, one of them says "Auntie Adores Me". They are purple and flowery because she thinks you're a girl...but if you're not, she said she promises to take you shopping. According to the old wives tales and Chinese conception chart, you're going to be a boy, but I'm thinking you're a girl. We haven't had a baby girl on Dad's side of the family for a long time, so they're really hoping that you or your cousin are a girl, but I think it'd be pretty funny of you were both boys. Then there would be six boy cousins, age four and under!

I'm hoping that as long as everything goes well at your ultrasound next week, we can tell everyone about you soon after. I know that so many people are going to be excited for your arrival, but no one will be as excited as your dad and I. :-)

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