Wednesday, February 5, 2014

8 Weeks

Tuesday, 1/7/14

Today I am eight weeks and four days pregnant, and am feeling pretty similar to last week. I haven't noticed much of a change without my Kalydeco except this itchy throat cough the past couple nights, so I'll probably be calling the doctor today to see what she thinks. I'd like to stay off for at least this month until you're a bit bigger, but we'll see. Two weeks from tomorrow I have my first appointment with the high-risk doctor, and I can't wait to see and hear you again! My apps are telling me that you're moving like crazy in there, but you're still too tiny for me to feel. This week your hands and feet are now gaining little webbed fingers and toes, you're losing your tail, your breathing tubes and lungs are developing, nerve cells are starting to connect in your brain, and you're starting to form your taste buds.

Tomorrow its back to work for me, so we'll see how fatigued I really am. As much as I'm so excited to shout to the world about you, I'm hoping to keep you a secret from my coworkers at least until after my next appointment - just to make sure everything's still going well in there.

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