Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7 Weeks

I'm 7w3d today, and thankfully haven't had many of the "typical" pregnancy symptoms and sometimes even forget I am pregnant, just because I've been feeling fine. I've been feeling kind of lazy, but I think that's mostly because I'm on winter break and doing a whole lot of nothing. My appetite came back with full force at the end of last week, and I've been eating a lot. There's something going on in my sinuses over the past few days, so I've been doing sinus rinses and started some nasal spray last night. I just can't wait to stop feeling so yucky - I've pretty much been sick or have a cold since November. But I really can't complain...poor Aunt Katrina has been super sick (lots of puking) with your cousin, so I will definitely consider myself lucky not to have that problem.

Little one, you've doubled in size since last week and are now the size of a blueberry. :) Your brain and heart are becoming much more complex, your kidneys are developing, and your arm and leg joints are forming this week.

Since these weeks are so critical for your development, Dr. Dowell and I decided to have me stop Kalydeco on Friday. The plan is to get back on in the second trimester once you're organs and major systems are developed, unless I notice that I'm feeling worse off of it, then I'll go back on right away. I was a little worried that I would start feeling awful when I stopped, but I honestly haven't felt a difference yet. Since its such a new medication, there's really no research on how it could effect you while you're still growing, so there's always that unknown risk (although I know several women who've gotten pregnant on K and had perfectly healthy babies). Its considered a category B drug, which means that I can be on it if medically necessary. So we're seeing how I feel off it, and if I start feeling crappy, then obviously its working for me and would be medically necessary.

Your daddy and I already have your first name picked out if you're a girl (we've loved it for a couple years), but we cannot agree on any boys names! We've finally started making a 'maybe' list, but nothing's jumping out at us yet. We can't wait to find out what you are! Daddy's also working hard on your room. When we first started working on it, it was just the spare bedroom, but its even more exciting getting stuff done knowing its going to be your room. We have colors picked out depending on if you're a girl or boy, so there's not too much else we can do (except refinish the floors) until we know what you are. We told Dad's mom's family this weekend, about you, and they're so excited too. Of course everyone said you need to be a girl, but I know they'll love you just as much if you're a boy! :-)

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