Wednesday, February 5, 2014

12 Weeks

Wednesday, 2/5/14
I'm 12w5d today and only a couple days from officially entering the second trimester...already! I'm so excited that our news is finally public so I don't have to try to hide you anymore, especially at work! It was getting hard to find clothes that weren't fitting to my body to hide my little belly. I'm definitely still in the awkward stage where I don't quite look pregnant, but I don't really look fat either...can't wait for my bump to be obviously a baby bump!

This week your big developmental milestone is reflexes. Your fingers are starting to open and close, your mouth is starting to make sucking movements, your toes will curl, and your eye muscles will clench. They say that if I poke my belly, you'll move in response, but you're still too tiny to feel. I cannot wait to feel you!!! Your eyes are now on the front of your head (apparently they were on the sides...yikes!), your ears are in place and you should be around two inches long now - the size of a plum this week. It's amazing that at only three months along, that all of your critical systems are now fully formed and from here on out you'll just be maturing and growing! Everyone is so excited about you and love the crib that Daddy's making, too!! This Friday I head back to the OB for an "in-take" appointment which doesn't sound very exciting -- just a meeting with a nurse and then some blood work. But then in another couple weeks we'll go back for your next ultrasound! Yay!

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