Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Days of Blogging: Day 7

Day 7 - Your dream wedding
Today, Tim and I have been married for one year, three months and sixteen days.

This is a tough one because there's not one thing that I would have changed about our wedding, unless someone told us we had an unlimited budget. Sure I would have loved the sunset on a beach thing, or a huge outdoor venue with a fancy dinner and a big DJ -- but that's not us. We're simple, we enjoy the outdoors, good food, good music and a fun time with family and friends and that's exactly how the day was. It wasn't stressful or uptight, it was so relaxed and fun!
Our photographer (Brown Eyes Photography) created this collage
of pictures while she was editing our photos. I absolutely love it
because I think it captures how much fun we had!
*And yes, that's the 'Village People'*

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