Sunday, May 12, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog #12 - Cracking Point

**Happy 200th Post**

Having Cystic Fibrosis isn't easy to deal with everyday. There are times when I really want to skip my treatments. There are times where I think, "Why me?" There are times I get scared about the future. But thankfully, for me, those times are getting to be fewer and farther between.
As I've mentioned in previous blog posts this month, I really struggled with accepting my CF in middle school and high school. There were times when I would just cry in my room because I was so scared about what the future held for me, or because I was so frustrated that I had to work so hard to keep myself healthy each day. But I'm very happy to say that with the support of my friends, then meeting Tim in college, and the encouragement of my CF doctor, I was able to work through those tough emotions and see that I'm much happier thinking positively about my life. CF has kept me on my toes the past few years (as I think it always will), throwing some challenges my way lately, but I know that I can get through it. Keeping a positive attitude and taking things day by day definitely keep me from cracking!

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  1. There were many times as a teenager that I cried myself to sleep because of fear I had about my future. Luckily, I now that I have a support system (mainly my husband and now my sister, friends, and the online community) I actually deal with the fear instead of cry in solitude. And sometimes I cry with them :)