Monday, May 13, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog #13 - Medical Terminology

Another list of medical terms that probably means nothing to non-CFers, but things that I'm so used to that I don't think twice about some of them. My adult CF doctor is so wonderful about explaining to me the ins and outs of how my treatments work, why I'm on specific medications, and what exactly is going on with my body.

Bronchiectasis: A fancy way of saying scarred/inflamed airways - at least that's how my doctor explained it to me. This occurs from chronic lung infections, typical in CF patients.

Burkholderia Cepacia (B. Cepacia): A bacteria that can get into your lungs which is typically resistant to most antibiotics. I do know that any CF patient who carries this bacteria is asked not to attend any CF related events, such as Great Strides. Definitely something I don't ever want to get!

Tobramycin: Antibiotic used in patients with pseudomonas. I'm currently on TOBI which is a nebulized form every other month so that I don't become resistant to it. I remember when I first started it how much I hated the taste of it. Now it makes such a positive difference in my lungs when I'm on it, I don't even think about what it tastes like.

Hemoptysis: Coughing up blood or bloody mucus. This has happened to me and the first few times it was very scary. Thankfully I've learned to back off my treatments if it does happen, and that unfortunately, it's just something that happens every once in a while.

Hyperglycemia: High blood sugar levels. CF patients are at a higher risk for developing CF Related Diabetes due to scarring in the pancreas and its inability to produce insulin or regulate insulin. This is something that I'm currently considered 'borderline' for. I've been monitoring my blood sugars, keep exercising, and I've made some major adjustments to my diet to help control my sugars. Anything I can do to avoid insulin injections!

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