Thursday, May 9, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog #9 - Milestones & Challenges

I've learned over the last several years, that I really thrive on setting goals for myself. I feel very proud when I'm able to say that I've accomplished, or even surpassed, something I've been working toward. I also find it more motivating that I have them all posted on this blog so that my readers can hold me accountable too, if I ever start to slack.

Here are some of my personal greatest milestones:

  • Going to college & graduating in four years
  • Getting married!
  • Running four 5Ks
  • Having my own Kindergarten classroom
  • I'm almost 25 years old and have never been hospitalized due to my CF

Here are some of my current/biggest challenges:
  • Staying 100% compliant with ALL of my treatments for an entire year
  • Getting pregnant
  • Getting my FEV1 into the 90% and keeping it there!

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