Sunday, May 26, 2013

CF Awareness Month Blog #26 - In Memorium

So far in my life, I've only personally known one CF patient who's died, my friend Joe, and it was very difficult for me. And I say 'so far' because I know that as I connect with more cysters and fibros in the online CF community, eventually (hopefully years and years down the road) I'm going to start losing more friends. It may not necessarily be to CF, but it's still tough when you have that connection with them. You know exactly how they were feeling and what they had to deal with day to day.
Summer 2005 - 17 years old
When I walk in Great Strides, or when I'm running around my neighborhood, or feeling particularly negative about wanting to do my treatments, I think about my friend Joe. I'm doing this, whether it's running, raising awareness, or doing my treatments, because I can. I think about all of the things that Joe wanted to do with his life and how, unfortunately, he's not around to do them anymore. I think about how he would want me to be happy and healthy, and to do the things I love. I do it for him. I do it for those who have lost their life from CF. To show them that I'm not going to give up because I know they didn't give up when they were fighting, too. I am doing everything in my power to make those who are no longer with us because of CF, proud. And their families proud. I do it to prove to myself that I can beat CF each day. I will not let CF run my life.

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